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Spiritual Struggles

Spiritual Struggles counseling
People of faith often report significant psychological stress when they see themselves behaving in ways that contradict their spiritual belief system.  Spiritual struggles may also involve questions about salvation, spiritual warfare and doubts about an effective prayer life. Many people come to question God’s love when they see tragedy and their prayers go unanswered.  Some people experience a deep sense of hurt by others in the Christian church community and feel led to withdraw from worship services and even God himself.  Regardless of the reason, spiritual conflict often severely limits a sense of closeness with God and leads to a sense of spiritual emptiness or abandonment.  Through spiritual counseling at Pathways, our Christian counselors will help you to reconnect with your Creator through such methods as prayer, reading Christian authors, Bible study, and recommended activities for fellowship with other believers.  Your Pathways Christian therapist will help you to increase your understanding from scripture, approach God in faith and better discern his plan for your life.  Through Christ-centered therapy at Pathways Psychological Services, your spiritual struggles can be resolved and you will experience a new journey of hope and a better sense of connectedness with God.
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