The Red Umbrella

This picture hangs prominently in our waiting room area, because we feel it carries significant symbolism:

The path separates two provinces in southwest China. The left side is Guizhou and the right side is Sichuan. This path has separated these two provinces for more than 2,500 years, runs about 500 miles and took over 300 years to build. It is about 5 feet wide and 6 feet deep. It was originally built to support military cavalry as the troops were transported between the provinces by horseback. Symbolically, the dark bamboo (bamboo does not easily break, but will bend) illustrates the obstacles, strongholds, troubles and hurts in all of our lives. As we look to healing, we leave the forest and begin our journey on the path. On the path, we look for the hope in the distance, which is the freedom we can find from our personal and spiritual conflicts. This hope is represented by the white light in the distance. This hope comes from the direction, comfort, and counsel received from wise people, like the counselors at Pathways, speaking into clients’ lives. This hope also includes the wisdom from Christ as revealed in the Bible, which we as counselors use as we formulate our guidance, and as we either privately or with our clients, pray to the Lord on their behalf and for guidance on our behalf. This path is not an easy one, as there are rough spots and bumps along the way as we follow it. The objectives set, the goals discussed, and the process in meeting them can be difficult, but, such is the path toward recovery. The red umbrella represents mercy and salvation from Christ, and the blood He shed on the Cross on our behalf. As the client progresses along the path, he/she is not alone, as the covering is there for the taking as the client submits to the Lord’s will for his/her life.

About Us

Since opening in 1990, our clinics have served thousands of people with personal, relational and spiritual issues. Although we stay current with new developments in our disciplines, we have not lost the personal, caring relationship you want in a client-counselor relationship. Our value system comes from a Christian perspective, yet we respect other faith and non-faith perspectives and will work with everyone to empower them to accomplish the goals they have for changes in their life.

Terry Zuehlke
Terry Zuehlke, Owner

Terry Zuehlke


The owner of Pathways, Terry has devoted his career to helping people in their times of emotional need. He has more than 40 years experience as a Christian psychotherapist, focusing on providing child, adolescent, adult, and couples counseling services. Terry has served clients in all focus areas, and specialized in anxiety, depression, inappropriate sexual behavior, OCD, spiritual conflicts, and men’s relationship therapy.  Currently, Terry is working as Pathways’ Executive Director.

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